08 Oct 2021

Toys To Make Your Halloween Collection Special

It’s spooky season! Pumpkins, costumes, candy, horror movies, what’s not to love? In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve put together a some collectibles for you to be inspired by. Dress up as them or simply collect them, these collectibles will make your Halloween a special one!

Whether you’re into cute, creepy, or classy, here are 5 Halloween toys you’re gonna wanna collect.

If you wanna be... Creepy!

Creepy Cuties

Meet some new fiends this Halloween with the Creepy Cuties. These stylized versions of popular folklore will give your Halloween display a creepy cute twist and they could make for fun Halloween party door gifts! Dress up as one of the Creepy Cuties and carry the totem around like a mini-me, it’ll be a Halloween you won’t forget.

Read more about the Creepy Cuties here.

If you wanna be... Crazy!

XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition)

Get into a Halloween game of cat and mouse with the XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition)! Whether you grab a friend and dress up as the iconic duo or add the first-ever dissected Tom And Jerry bust to your collection, bring some crazy wacky chases to your Halloween celebration this year.

Read more about the XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition) here.

If you wanna be... Cool!

XXRAY Plus Nightmare Moon

Your Halloween stead is here. Bring about eternal night this Halloween as you roam the streets as Nightmare Moon! Whether you blanket the world in eternal night, or bring it home to your collection, with the XXRAY Plus Nightmare Moon you’ll own Halloween with the inside of the dark side.

Read more about the XXRAY Plus Nightmare Moon here.

If you wanna be... Cute!

Nyan Kashi

Halloween doesn’t have to be completely creepy, after all it is also a day to gorge on sweets! Go trick or treating with (or as!) the Nyan Kashi, a purr-fect blend of kitties and Japanese treats. Satiate your sweet tooth with these cute kitties that’ll meowlt your hearts. Handing the Nyan Kashi out to trick or treaters might be a fun surprise!

Read more about the Nyan Kashi here.

If you wanna be... Classy!

XXPOSED SpongeBob SquarePants (King Jellyfish Edition)

Be a little bougie this Halloween and you dress up like a king. But don’t be a typical royal, be King Jellyfish! With that translucent purple finish and majestic crown you’ll be the best dressed (or the most interestingly dressed) at any costume party. Your Halloween display gets royally spooky when you display XXPOSED SpongeBob SquarePants (King Jellyfish Edition) split in halves, guts and glory indeed!

Read more about the XXPOSED SpongeBob SquarePants (King Jellyfish Edition) here.

Happy Halloween!

No matter the kind of Halloween you’re into there’s a collectible for you. Get into the spirit of the spooky season with these limited edition collectibles, whether they inspire your Halloween costume, or are worked into your Halloween display, snap a photo and share it with us over on the Mighty Jaxx Instagram or Facebook.


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