18 Aug 2021

Nightmare Moon: 3 Must-See Moments from Friendship is Magic

We asked, you voted, and now she’s joining the Mighty Jaxx My Little Pony collection of figurines - introducing the XXRAY Plus Nightmare Moon! She is laughing maniacally, plotting to enshroud your collection in eternal darkness...

XXRAY Plus: Nightmare Moon

Do you know your Nightmare Moon origin story? Known also as Princess Luna, she ruled Equestria alongside her sister Princess Celestia. Keeping a perfect balance, Princess Celestia would raise the sun every morning, and every evening, Princess Luna would raise the moon.

Princess Luna, however, grew jealous. Unhappy that the ponies of Ponyville would shun her work by sleeping through the night, she challenged Celestia for the sole rulership of Equestria. At that moment, the bitterness in Luna's heart manifested and consumed her, transforming her into Nightmare Moon, a black mare of pure darkness. 

Mare in the Moon
The Mare in the Moon

In the ensuing battle, Celestia reluctantly used the Elements of Harmony to overpower Nightmare Moon and banish her into the moon, creating the phenomenon known as "the Mare in the Moon".

As you gear up for the release of the limited edition My Little Pony collectible, the XXRAY Plus: Nightmare Moon, join us as we take a look at 3 must-see moments from Friendship is Magic!

We love us a good villain introduction! In Season 1 of Friendship is Magic, as it was prophesied, Nightmare Moon was freed from her imprisonment to seek her revenge. Watch the moment she introduces herself to our favorite pony gang, including a worried Twilight Sparkle, in the clip above.

Beyond a narrated prologue from the series premiere of Friendship is Magic, we never really got to witness Nightmare Moon’s banishment. That changed in Season 4’s premiere. Twilight Sparkle experiences a flashback that brings us to that fateful night, and for the first time, we get to see Princess Luna’s transformation into Nightmare Moon and her banishment. 

No story is complete without redemption. In the above clip, watch the main 6 defeat Nightmare Moon using the Elements of Harmony, which transforms Nightmare Moon back into Princess Luna who earned the forgiveness of Princess Celestia.

The clip reveals which element each of the main 6 ponies represents, can you guess them all? Here’s one to help you out - Rainbow Dash represents the element of loyalty.

XXRAY Plus Nightmare Moon Feature Image 1XXRAY Plus Nightmare Moon Feature Image 2XXRAY Plus Nightmare Moon Feature Image 3

Capturing the majesty of the night in her feisty pose, the XXRAY Plus: Nightmare Moon stands 8.5” tall from horn to hoove. Her mane is beautifully realized in a gradient translucent blue, complete with glitter for a touch of villainous magic (or stars in the night sky!). 

Stylized in the iconic and intricate dissection style Jason Freeny is known for, admire her anatomy in this one-of-a-kind Nightmare Moon figure. Eagle-eyed fans will notice that much like the XXRAY Plus: Princess Celestia, in place of her heart sits Nightmare Moon’s cutie mark, a blue crescent moon.

You’ve got your hands on Series 1 and Series 2 of Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: My Little Pony, and the XXRAY Plus: Princess Celestia. Now get ready to add the latest dissected toy to your magical My Little Pony collection, the XXRAY Plus: Nightmare Moon!

XXRAY Plus Nightmare Moon Release Banner

See the inside of the dark side on 21 August, 9 am EST! Be sure to subscribe below, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with more exciting Mighty Jaxx My Little Pony releases.

Let us know on social media which My Little Pony character should get the XXRAY Plus treatment next! Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker… sounds like a must-have pair. Let us know!

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