07 Jul 2021

Come Meet the Nyan Kashi, A Kawaii Cat Blindbox

You’ve met the Nyan Sum, traveled the #NyammyTrail with them, and hopped on a plane together to Japan. Char Siew Meow is happy to be on solid ground again, and Meow Tow can’t wait to meet the nyan-fluencer Mizu Nyan-chi!

Nyan Kashi Teaser

Wait… What the nyan! There are 6 new friends for the Nyan Sum - meet the Nyan Kashi! A genki family of kitties who became what they last ate. Having gone to a matsuri and stuffed their faces with yummy snacks, the Nyan Kashi kitties’ love for okashi reached a point of no return and they turned into sweets themselves! 

Meet Matcha Melon Nyan & Tai-nyan-ki!

Matcha Melon NyanTai-Nyan-Ki

If you love a big kitty, you’ll love Matcha Melon Nyan! The big lug of the Nyan Kashi is a sensitive one. He enjoys his snuggles and that’s a sure way to pick his mood up, lucky for him, he’s such a huggable cat! Matcha Melon Nyan has a friend that he’s always hugging - Vanilla-kun. If you’re finding it hard to read Matcha Melon Nyan’s emotions, look to Vanilla-kun, the two are so connected that Vanilla-kun reflects what Matcha Melon Nyan is feeling. Try not to trace his crisp grid lines too much though, it tickles!

Like how matcha and azuki go well together, Matcha Melon Nyan is best buds with the oblivious Tai-nyan-ki! He’ll always be hiding, and sleeping like the sleepy cat he is, in his waffle fishtail. Why? He’s a shy one! It takes a while for Tai-nyan-ki to warm up but once you get to know him, you’ll see how much fun he is. Give his tail a little squeeze and he’ll pop right out, he’ll be shocked and possibly disorientated, but he’ll be happy to see you.

Matcha Melon Nyan and Tai-nyan-ki have the delightful habit of always appearing at the right moment, these are kitties that are always gonna be there for you!

Meet Mizu Nyan-chi & Nyan-purin!

Mizu Nyan-ChiNyan-Purin

Crystal clear skin is the dream and none is clearer as Mizu Nyan-chi’s. It’s little wonder that he’s such a popular nyan-fluencer, earning even the envy of the glamorous Meow Tow! Like a droplet of water, Mizu Nyan-chi is quite the jiggler, he might have his jiggles under control but his love for traveling by boat makes us wonder if he’s secretly proud of it (we would!). Mizu Nyan-chi has a heart of gold and cares a great deal for the Nyan Kashi. He comes up with lots of plans for the group, though not always the best, but the Nyan Kashi appreciates his enthusiasm. 

Who do you think has clearer skin - Mizu Nyan-chi or Har Meow?

Do you study communication? Mizu Nyan-chi and Nyan-purin have a unique way of communicating - through jiggling! Unlike Xiao Long Meow who hates jiggling, these two have embraced it and call themselves the Jiggle Buddies. Nyan-purin has a catchy song in her head, we’re not sure what it is but it seems she jiggles to its tune. She’s also one of the sweetest kitties you’ll meet but is also a bit of a klutz.

Nyan-Purin Plush

As much as she loves to jiggle, she leaves a trail of caramel syrup in her wake because of it. She does her best to minimize the mess by walking reallyyy slowly, lucky for her the Nyan Kashi don’t mind the mess. Do you think they lap up the syrup?

Were you one of the lucky ones to win a Nyan-purin plush in our #NyammyTrail contest? Be sure to tag @nyammytreats in your photos if you have her!

Meet Sakura Nyan-chi & Nyan-go

Sakura Nyan-ChiNyan-Go

There’s a motherly figure in every family and for the Nyan Kashi, that’s Sakura Nyan-chi. She might be the oldest and most traditional, but she sparks so much joy. Sakura Nyan-chi is soft and demure, and oh-so-comfy nestled in her sakura leaf. It’s not easy being the mother of so many kitties, but Sakura Nyan-chi takes it in her stride. 

She keeps an extra eye out for the youngest of the Nyan Kashi, the Nyan-go triplets! Kittens can be a handful but this sticky bunch are the purest you’ll meet. Incredibly sweet and polite you’ll never find a torn wrapper or crumb in their wake. Don’t try to separate them, these kittens are so attached to each other, doing so will cause massive distress! 

Meet the Sailor Nyans

Nyan-PeitoHana Mizu Nyan-ChiHanami Nyan-Go

Protecting the Nyan Kashi by moonlight, spreading love by daylight, always fighting for more okashi, they’re the Sailor Nyan! Led by the charismatic and heroic Nyan-peito, the Sailor Nyan wield the powers of the elements of thunder, fire, wind, water, and light. Together they protect the Nyan Kashi from the evils of the human gullet, giving them the peace to eat as much okashi as they desire. 

While Nyan-peito is a veteran crime fighter that’s known to the world, Hana Mizu Nyan-chi and Hanami Nyan-go’s real identities remain a secret to the Nyan Kashi. Training under Nyan-peito, these magical kitties are certainly more than meets the eye. Do you want to join them on their adventures?

The Sailor Nyan aren’t easy to catch. Sightings of one are rare, some might even say ultra-rare! You might not know you’ve crossed paths with one, as they choose to hide in the shadows and striking only when absolutely necessary. Rumor has it that the chances of seeing Hana Mizu Nyan-chi and Hanami Nyan-go is only 1/24, and catching a glimpse of Nyan-peito is a 1/48 chance!

Nyan Kashi Tray & Display Case

Now that you’ve met the Nyan Kashi, do a group check! You’ve traveled all this way with the Nyan Sum - are they all with you? If not, fret not! We’ve got you covered. Get your Nyan Sum here today and gear up to complete your Nyammy Treats family with the Nyan Kashi.

Here’s a little nyan-tip for you; if you order a tray of Nyan Kashi your chances of getting a Sailor Nyan increases! Plus, each tray can be converted into a beautiful display to showcase your adorable cat collectibles.

Nyan Kashi Release Banner

Nyan Kashi by Nyammy Treats launches on 4 August, 9 am EST on The Nyan Kashi ships worldwide, and will get to you free when you order a tray.

Be sure to follow the Nyan Kashi on their adventures on @nyammytreats and keep up with everything that’s oishii and kawaii.

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