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No More Amore (Bittersweet Edition) by Abell Octovan

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After seeing countless broken hearts and a sea of tears, Cupid is done playing matchmaker. Love doesn’t exist in this world, it only brings pain. No More Amore by Abell Octovan returns in a second colorway—the BITTERSWEET Edition!

The high contrast in black and pink brings out the emotional intensity and conflict faced by this jaded Cupid, an agent of love by nature. Sitting on a pillar of broken hearts with the embossed phrase “Till love breaks us apart”, this limited edition piece challenges the concept of true love.

Check out our blog on the Death of Love here

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11” Polystone Collectible
Limited Edition
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Abell Octovan

Abell Octovan

Designer/ Producer

Jakarta, Indonesia based designer and producer Abell Octovan has been creating art toys since 2008.
Known for exploring popular culture and mashing up two characters or concepts to create one new one, he began to seriously explore designer & art toys by founding his "My Royal Ego" studio and workshop.
Producing resin toys and artwork since 2010, My Royal Ego allows Octovan to design, collaborate, and produce works with many local and international artists.

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