21 Sep 2022

Witness the Death of Love: No More Amore (BITTERSWEET Edition)

No More Amore by Abell Octovan makes its return in a second colorway. Gone is the stoic white finish inspired by marble busts; this figurine features a more intense pink-black dual tone that captures the passion—and pain—of love!

This intricate sculpture is filled with details that tell the story of a fallen Cupid who no longer believes in the concept of “true love”:

A Broken Arrow

The source of Cupid’s power, the person struck by this arrow is filled with uncontrollable love—and in some retellings—desire. The breaking of the bow indicates Cupid’s disenchantment with his role, believing that all love ends with pain.

Seated on a Pillar of Heartbreak

Tasked with helping people fall in love, Cupid has had one too many encounters with love going bad. Surrounded by broken hearts, Cupid can’t help but question if love causes more bad than good.

Embossed on the pillar is the term, “Till love breaks us apart”, his challenge on the eternity of traditional marriage vows.

The Mask, Abell Octovan’s Signature

The artist behind this statement piece, Abell Octovan, designed his trademark mask for Cupid. An indication of rebelliousness, the mask signifies the dissatisfaction Cupid has with his role. 


Cupid sheds the white, marble-like first edition colorway for a bolder look. Black and pink, two highly contrasting colors, represent the internal conflict Cupid has with himself—reconciling his role as the love bringer and the reality of painful heartbreaks. Paired with the glossy finish, the sculpt is an eye-catching, anti-Valentine piece.


Do you challenge the notion of true love too? No More Amore (BITTERSWEET Edition) will be available for pre-order on 24 SEP (SAT), 9PM SGT/ 9AM ET. Set your reminder here.

11” Polystone Collectible
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