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Nyan-licious! by Nyammy Treats

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Wow, something smells totally Nyan-licious!

Catwalk into the world of Nyammy Treats and befriend adorable kittens fused with your favorite treats. Born with a sweet tooth, the Nyan-licious kittens went a step too far to satisfy their cravings and transformed into the last thing they ate! Whether it’s at a restaurant, a campfire, or a carnival, the Nyan-licious kittens are always spoiled for tasty choices in the land of the free! Join these sweet kitties on mischief and misadventures as they avoid getting eaten. Don’t say delicious, you’ll scare the Nyan-licious!

Want to play with these kitties? Read here for their bios!

Prototype shown final product may vary.

 4" Vinyl Blindbox
Tray of 6, 7 Different Variations
Single-box Purchases are Random
Not for Consumption
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Nyammy Treats

Nyammy Treats


“Nyan” is the Japanese way of saying “Meow”! Catwalk into the world of Nyammy Treats and befriend adorable kitties fused with your favorite treats!

Nyammy Treats is designed in-house by Mighty Jaxx.

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