14 Sep 2022

Introducing Nyan-licious! Kitties from the Land of the Free

Say “Meow!” to Series 4 of the Nyammy kittens, hailing from the land of the free. Playfully sweet, these kittens are distant relatives of popular desserts from the land of the free!

Want to play with these kitties? Read on for their bios!

Blue-purr-y Cheesecake

A sleepy kitty, you’ll probably find Blue-purr-y curled up in the corner, off on a trip to dreamland with a tiny blue buddy—its bestie—comfortably nestled on its head. When awake, it’ll be grumpily prowling the hallways looking for something to satiate its huge appetite. This also means you can easily win its affection with treats!

Straw-purr-y Donut

Don’t be fooled by its innocent eyes, this kitty is full of energy! Knowing it can get away with anything using its adorable look, Straw-purr-y is the ultimate prankster—don’t say we didn’t warn you! This energy also makes it the life of the party, you can count on it being the social lubricant at any gathering.


It’s the boss and acts like it too. Grumpy with an RBF, don’t expect strong affection from this kitty. In fact, the opposite is true—you should be giving it affection, cleaning up, feeding it… Yet, it’ll walk over and rub its head against you once in a while, making it all worth it!



This kitty is full of affection, it’ll follow you around the house with no regard for personal space. Just like how it is transparent, this kitten also has the ability to see through your soul and read your mind, so don’t lie about not having treats! The other kitties love to bounce on its jiggly body, but Purr-o will flash them an annoyed look, with its different-colored eyes, if they get stuck. 


It’s a lover of heat and enjoys spending all its time loafing around on its toasty cracker! You will be able to find this sweet, lazy kitty taking power naps throughout the day, but be warned—this kitty can’t take sunshine even though it loves being warm because it might just melt!

Purr-nana Split

These triplets are simply inseparable! They’ve turned a banana into their home since day one and you can always find them cuddling in this safe space. When together (which is almost always), these three kitties are the bringers of chaos! They’re also nosy lil’ bunch, always up-to-date with the latest gossip!

Cotton Purr-y

The ultra rare, eccentric Cotton Purr-y makes its appearance! A little shy at first, it’ll open up once it gets close to you. And when it does, expect high-energy zoomies! Although it has trouble reaching the floor because of its chonkiness, the zoomies will always find a way. A secret hoarder, for pom poms in particular, you know where to search if you ever find your fluffy things missing!

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~4” vinyl blindbox collectibles
6 regular kitties + 1 rare kitty to collect
$10.99/pcs or $59.99/tray of 6
No repeats when you order a tray of 6
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