22 Sep 2021

Why You’ll Love Life-size A Wood Awakening by Juce Gace

Dreams do come true, he’s finally taller than a puppet! A Wood Awakening by Juce Gace returns this week in epic proportions - the vinyl figurine has been blown up to 1.2m tall, about 9.6x taller than he usually is!

You might be thinking, “do I need a life-size figurine in my life” and well - yes. Why wouldn’t you want this Life-size A Wood Awakening? If you need some convincing, we’ve put together a list of reasons why you’ll love Life-size A Wood Awakening by Juce Gace.

You Gotta Have A Best Friend

Life-size A Wood Awakening

Never come home to a lonely dinner again. With Life-size A Wood Awakening, you’ll always have a best friend to turn to for meals, movie nights, and for those heart-to-heart talks. There’s nothing like a friend forever.

Impress Your (Human) Friends

Life-size A Wood Awakening by Juce Gace

Having Life-size A Wood Awakening around makes for an eye-catching display. His iconic pose and unmissable schlong will draw all the attention and make you the envy of all your friends. See jaws drop, eyes widen, and have endless fun when friends come over; don’t worry, A Wood Awakening loves the attention too!

Complete Your A Wood Awakening Collection

Life-size A Wood Awakening

A Wood Awakening collectors, we know there are A LOT of you out there! Your A Wood Awakening collection is not fully complete until you add this Life-size piece to your collection. You’ve collected every one of his designs, now don’t deny him of his dreams of being more than just a puppet.

Coming Soon, For 24 Hours Only

It’s the largest A Wood Awakening ever and he’s coming your way on September 25, 9 am ET. With his eye-catching size, whether you have him in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, your new centerpiece will certainly impress.

Life-size A Wood Awakening by Juce Gace will be available for 24 hours only. Set your reminders here.

Life-size A Wood Awakening by Juce Gace Release Banner

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