Juce Gace

Life-Size A Wood Awakening by Juce Gace

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Many years ago he wished himself alive and greeted the world with his WOOD surprise, but one thing was always amiss, he was still puppet-sized. Sick of the puppet world, he longed for human experiences - a first kiss, a full plate of pasta, crippling student debt, and sitting in an airplane seat (not its cargo hold). He knew he wouldn’t get to experience those things if he remained puppet-sized, so he did what he did last, every night he wished into the stars to be at least 1.2m tall.

In the night, he was woken by the breaking of his drawer-sized bed. His legs and arms are longer than before, his WOOD taller than before. Could it be..? He sprung up and ran to the mirror, his reflection staring back at him, half the length of the mirror! “I’m not puppet-sized anymore!” and for once in his life, that statement rang true. Well... mostly. 

Prototype shown, final product may vary.

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1.2m Vinyl Art Toy
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Juce Gace

Juce Gace

Graphic Designer

Screenwriter by day and toy designer by night, Paris-based creative Julien G. aka Juce Gace is spreading smiles all around with his childhood-inspired toys and other pop culture collectibles. In his own words : “To entertain you is a pleasure and a real privilege.”

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