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Grand Chamaco is a digital artist who learnt to draw before he learnt to write. His style is recognisable by many for the often cute way he depicts his characters.

This week, we are proud to introduce our first collaboration with the artist, The Surrealist.

Grand Chamaco brings The Surrealist to life with his signature style of bright colours, soft curves, and wide eyes. The Surrealist is renowned for technical skill, precise draftsmanship, and striking and bizarre imagery.

Prototype shown. Final product may vary.

6" Vinyl Art Toy
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Grand Chamaco

Grand Chamaco


Grand Chamaco was born in 1982, in Los Ramones, a municipality of the State of Nuevo Leon, in Mexico.

He spent his childhood afternoons playing with colour pencils while he dipped dry meat with chilli sauce and lemon.

He’s an orphan and spent his childhood and adolescence with his grandfather on his mother side, who drove him through the paths of drawing and painting. These activities later become his hobbies and eventually, he overcame by far his grandfather’s artistic techniques.

At the age of 25 he distanced himself from society and created a workshop in a country house, where he spent several years studying and perfecting his style.

After 3 years and after the arrival of Internet to his town, Grand Chamaco begins to exploit his talent and show it to the World, first through social Networks, and then... we don’t know.

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