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The BackPack by Alex Pardee (Icy Grape)

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Final colorway of The Backpack by Alex Pardee
After years of searching, Back & Pack finally uncovered the last clue to their most prized treasure—The Grape Of Wrath. The only problem? They had to get to the highest peak in the land of YUX while braving a severe ice storm. But they were determined anyway, bordering the line of obsession with obtaining this precious grape.  
Hand in hand, Back & Pack tossed each other up the cliffs and sheltered one another when the winds got too strong. As they were approaching the summit, the temperature plummeted, causing their skin to crack and turn an awful shade of blue. In the end, they had no choice but to stop their climb and seek shelter in a small cave.  
While Back patiently waited for the storm to pass, Pack smelled something odd and started to dig deep into the cave. The hole got larger and pockets of purple light started to peep through the loosened soil. “Could this actually be The Grape of Wrath?” thought Pack. With the help of Back, the duo successfully pulled the treasure out from the ground. Indeed, they had finally found the The Grape of Wrath! 
Shortly after their wonderful discovery, Back & Pack also found the reason behind its name and why it was hidden away in the mountains but…we’ll leave this story for another time. 


8" (20cm) Polystone Art Collectible
Premium custom box with foam protection 
Limited Edition of 150
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Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee


Alex is a splash of all things artistic. A freelance illustrator by trade, Alex (who has created art work for the likes of The Used and In Flames) has poured every drop of blood, sweat and tears that he has into conceiving the gruesomely spoofy nightmarish monster's that lurk under the bed of his imagination.

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