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Tempura-San (Radioactive)

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Tempura-San was originally introduced as a mutated prawn-man who was previously a food stall owner until he got involved in an accident with a nuclear waste truck one day that changed his demeanour forever.
As he got tired of the constant bullying and despise from residents in his neighbourhood, he decided to pack up his bags and leave town. While arriving at the new town, he was deeply unhappy and distant from people. Determined to prove his worth to this superficial world, Tempura-San thought to himself, “maybe I should gain superpower to compensate for my disfigurement.” His grand plan included sneaking into a nuclear plantation and jumping into a tank filled with radioactive water…thus becoming Radioactive Tempura-San! Little does he know, it only altered his appearance further with no additional abilities…

Now, he has changed into a bright and pastel mixed colour while its material retained as Sofubi (soft Vinyl). His face is more derp than ever! However the biggest modification is his body and limbs will glow vibrantly in the dark. Each piece is up for grabs in random selection as they will be uniquely sprayed and hand-painted.

To end the last weekend release of February 2018 (“BEASTS FROM THE EAST”) on a high note, a lucky buyer will receive a one-off prototype piece of Tempura-San (POISON) as part of ours and Super Kaiju Corps’ gratitude. 

Check our Instagram and below featured images to see how it looks like! 
6" (15cm) Sofubi (Soft Vinyl) Art Collectible
Every Purchase Comes with a Custom Holographic Card
Limited Edition of 100 pcs
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The people who made this possible.

Super Kaiju Corps.

Super Kaiju Corps.


Super Kaiju Corps is Mighty Jaxx’s latest in-house venture to bring you one-of-a-kind Kaiju characters built mainly using Sofubi material. Expect special collaborations and variants from the series as we work round the clock to expand this family of unearthly beings!

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