Juce Gace

Snow Balls by Juce Gace

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It's Christmas morning and a touch of magic fills the air. With the first snowfall, our favourite puppet rushes outside and gets to work on building his Christmas companion!

And so he shovelled, and rolled, and built! Complete with a top hat, gloves, and a scarf, there was something missing... “I know!”, shouted the puppet as he picked up the carrot, “I'll make you just like me! You’ll be the happiest snowman there is!” And thus, Snow Balls was born and it was a happy Christmas indeed.

Prototype shown, final product may vary.

6" Vinyl Art Toy
Limited Edition
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Juce Gace

Juce Gace

Graphic Designer

Screenwriter by day and toy designer by night, Paris-based creative Julien G. aka Juce Gace is spreading smiles all around with his childhood-inspired toys and other pop culture collectibles. In his own words : “To entertain you is a pleasure and a real privilege.”

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