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Smoking Lady by Seiji Matsumoto

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A smoking lady, waiting for a bus somewhere in Brooklyn. In her simple jacket and branded T-shirt, what else is she waiting for?

This week, we bring you the humorous, minimalistic artwork by Seiji Matsumoto, Smoking Lady. Those bulbous eyes, smooth silhouette and warm simplicity are Seiji Matsumoto's signature style. His art style brings a sense of peace and quietness that calms people's minds, especially in this fast-paced world we are in.

Take a moment and just chill with Smoking Lady by Seiji Matsumoto.

8" Premium Polystone Designer Toy

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Seiji Matsumoto

Seiji Matsumoto


Seiji Matsumoto is a Tokyo-based illustrator, born into an artisanal family in Osaka. He graduated from the fine arts department at Osaka University of Arts in 2014. After building his career as a designer in Japan, he moved to New York and started working as a freelance artist. His painting style, which gives a sense of warmth and peace has a calming effect on people's minds…especially in this fast-paced world. He had been involved in various works with brands such as The New York Times, McDonald’s, UNIQLO and so on…

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