Skull House by Eli Klemmeck

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Haunting and alluring. Skull House is based on the illustration “How Do I Live In This House” and is our first piece with ink illustrator Neomlei, also known as Eli Klemmeck. The 6” polystone art piece is finished in a premium high gloss.

“The temperature is never consistent. I keep putting logs on the fire.”

 6" Tall Polystone Art Toy
Limited Edition
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Premium High Gloss Finishing
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The people who made this possible.

Eli Klemmeck

Eli Klemmeck

Ink Illustrator

Eli Klemmeck is a self-taught artist from a small mountain town in the pacific northwest. His current preferred medium is ink on paper. But has been experimenting with various painting techniques and mixed media art forms such as drawing over photographs. Going by the alias “neomlei” the young artist continually seeks to develop his skills on his quest to become the greatest artist he can be.

Before “neomlei,” he found himself with all bridges burnt, backpacking aimlessly across the country. Eventually, winding up in an old friends spare room 2,680 miles from any sense of familiarity. There he committed himself to finish a drawing every day for the next year. Little did he know this commitment would alter the course of his life forever. Within two years of dedication, he became a working artist, now living his dream as a creative in NYC.

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