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Skull Bomb (Warthog Shark MK-III)

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Skull Bomb returns to its military roots this week - presenting the Skull Bomb Warthog Shark MK-III!

If you are trying to hide from your enemies, then look the other way, because Skull Bomb Warthog Shark MK-III has no intention of laying low in green camou! The third variant in the Skull Bomb Warthog Shark line continues the theme of aerial warfare paint-jobs - but this time with a twist! 

Painted in different shades of pink, this bad boy has never looked so menacing! Finished with red accents and emblazoned with a distinctive nose art – an illustrated set of ‘Warthog Shark’ teeth, the MKIII daringly taunts with its pink ferocity! 

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Skull Bomb Warthog Shark series, we are giving away 2X more VIP points for all purchases made in the 24-hour period! Now, go crazy!

8" (20 cm) hand-painted resin art collectible
Available for 24 hours only! Edition size based on amount sold in 24-hour period
Release ends Sunday, 24 March 2019, 0859am ET
Free shipping worldwide!
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Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny


Jason’s early success as an artist came with his creations of a series fictional anatomical character schematics and illustrations in 2007 but was most noted when he began creating anatomical toy sculptures shortly after. His sculptural and illustration work has been the basis for several mass produced toys.

Armed with a youthful, overactive imagination, Jason creates smart, intricate works that tickle the deviant intellect through a mix of hard graphics, detailed anatomy, pop iconography and wit.

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