Luke Pelletier

Robo Hammerhead by Luke Pelletier

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Nose diving into the the Atlantic Ocean, a mushroom cloud rises from the depths and out comes Robo Hammerhead!

An unexpected consequence of radioactive nuclear tests, Robo Hammerhead is the result of thermonuclear combination of a hammerhead shark with sea life and oceanic waste. A human hand to slap himself silly, and a fleshy crab claw for the perfect snap, Davy Jones might have found his match. Washed ashore and running on cannabutter energy, Robo Hammerhead has one goal and one goal only - he wants to get high by the beach. 

On the sandy beaches he begins his search for greener pastures.

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6" (15cm) Soft Vinyl Art Toy
Articulated Parts
Limited Edition
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Luke Pelletier

Luke Pelletier


Luke Pelletier grew up in western North Carolina and currently works and resides in Los Angeles. He graduated with a BFA in fine art from the School of Art Institute Chicago in 2015.

Living in a tourist town for much of his life, Pelletier has been heavily influenced by the seasonal economies and the multi-level relationships between tourists and locals. Much of Pelletier’s art blurs the lines between celebrating and condemning a culture that agrees to be taken advantage of while equally taking advantage of other cultures. His work is filled with personal anecdotes, dark humor, both dualities & contradictions through scenes of decaying paradise.

Pelletier uses photography, painting, sculpture, social practice, and writing to explore his moral dilemmas of romance, addiction, tourist culture, masculinity, and Americana.

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