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Ohonneko also known simply as the Samurai cats is the proud product of duo K2TOY designed by Katherine Kang and sculpted by Blackseed’s Kenneth Tang. Legend has it that Ohonneko is one of the toughest warriors ever despite their adorable demeanour! The best samurai cats were specially chosen to be the sacred protectors and companions for princesses after completing a series of challenging tests. As princesses in ancient far away land were afraid of mice therefore Ohonneko were trained to be Chief Mouser Cabinet Office”, a term coined from UK. 

A new task force of Ohonneko was assembled when a daunting mission came up one fine day. The group’s disguise is having skin similar to Koi fishes (hence the name) which is used to sneak into secret palaces and hidden in Koi ponds. 
Ohonneko (KOI) comes complete with detachable accessories, a matching Samurai hat and sword of gold and glittery accent, as well as a beautifully woven rope collar with a trusty bell. 

Stare into their bright and purr-fect eyes as they charm their way into your hearts!

5" (12.7cm) Tall Sofubi (Soft Vinyl)
Sealed Bag with Printed Card Header
Limited Edition of 100 pcs


The people who made this possible.




Self-proclaimed Kidults a combination of Kid and Adult, Katherine Kang and Kenneth Tang (of BlackSeed) came up with the moniker of K2TOY specially tailored for this alter ego. Even though growing old is inevitable, both of the artists hope to remain young at heart and their artworks showcased a sense of childlike innocence. Due to sheer determination, they continuously team up to create art stowed deep within their imagination.


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