HellYeah Holiday Tee

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Adding a holiday twist to MAMAFAKA's original illustration, this HellYeah Holiday Tee is an edgy and fun addition to any wardrobe!

100% Cotton
High-quality, durable silk-screen print 

S - L70 W52 cm
M - L73 W55 cm
L - L75 W57 cm
XL - L77 W59 cm

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Born Pharuephon ‘’Tum’’ Mukdasanit (13 September 1978 - 9 September 2013), Mamafaka had set his mind on pursuing design from a young age, being influenced by magazines as a child growing up. While he enjoyed an award-winning career working at some of the biggest advertising agencies, eventually he left to focus on developing his own style and approach towards design and illustration. Soon after came the inspiration and creation of his signature character, Mister HellYeah, which was a hit with his followers worldwide.

Spurred by its popularity, he decided to create his own line of products featuring this hairy and mysterious one-eyed mustachioed character.

In 2013, Tum unfortunately passed away days after a surfing accident, but the social network phenomenon driven by the Thai people's support and wish to awaken him from the coma spread his name and art throughout the country. Artists in music, fashion and design around the world produced dedicated pieces of art for his funeral.

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