Jeff Staple (25th Anniversary Edition) by YARMS

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Celebrate the 25th anniversary of STAPLE with the AUTHORS series’ Jeff Staple (25th Anniversary Edition) by YARMS.

The legendary creator’s likeness is captured in the signature style of the AUTHORS series with clean lines and minimal aesthetic. Standing 8” tall and complete with a lustrous metallic finish with XXV emblazoned on his back, he clasps the iconic Staple Pigeon in his hands, finished in a matte white. 

The collectible comes in an elegant silver packaging box, complete with gloves to keep the chrome finish of the Jeff Staple (25th Anniversary Edition) looking extra clean.

Prototype shown, final product may vary.

8" Vinyl Art Toy
Limited Edition of 250 only
Comes with a signed and numbered COA
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The people who made this possible.

Danil YAD

Danil YAD

Digital Sculptor

Founder of YARMS

All my life I liked to sculpt and create something, but I met with Digital Sculpting relatively recently. This tool allowed me to quickly implement my ideas and pay more attention to projects, rather than the technical component. Now I continue to search for new ideas and build skills.

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