Nathan Cleary

D'OH The Unlucky Cat by Nathan Cleary (Toxic Edition)

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D'OH the Unlucky Cat returns in an all new glow-in-the-dark colourway!

In traditional Japanese culture, a fortune cat is a talisman that is often believed to bring good luck to its owner. But have you wondered what a combination of a fortune cat and an iconic cartoon character, with a little toxic twist might be? Enter – D'OH the Unlucky Cat (Toxic Edition)!

"If you ever feel like everything is going wrong in your life, share that [misery] and pain with D'OH! Known for his unluckiness, misfortunes and clumsiness, he is here to bring [humour] to your tranquil and peaceful life! Stick him on your mantelpiece as a reminder of your [ill fate], listen to his wise words and strive to do better!"

Using the powers bestowed onto him from a toxic waste accident, D'OH The Unlucky Cat (Toxic Edition) lights the way away from all the toxic people in your lives! Will you be one of the lucky few to own this remarkable piece?

8" Tall Vinyl Art Toy
Glow In The Dark
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Limited Edition
Pre-Order, Ships Feb 2020






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Nathan Cleary

Nathan Cleary


Nathan is an English born artisan whose work covers many disciplines and genres. He cites urban art, designer toys and pop culture as his main influences along with his enthusiasm for more traditional painting and photography. He is an ardent collector of memorabilia such as vinyl art and enamel pins which have been an important influence in his present work.
Working in collaboration with Pin Jong Ill and Stupid Krap, Nathan has gained notability for his work designing enamel pins.

Nathan, a single parent with five children is living and working in England. He combines a hectic family life with running his own design studio Renegade whilst taking regular visits to London for inspiration and ideas.

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