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Darwin's Revenge by Paul Jackson (White)

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"I love drawing stuff - the weirder the better." - Toronto based, British Artist Paul Jackson

Darwin's Revenge is back! The white and silver events-exclusive colourway now makes its way online for a special limited quantity release. How limited? Reeaaallllyyyyy limited ;)

The 6" polystone figure can be pried open to reveal a figure resembling Charles Darwin, strapped into what seems to be a cockpit and piloting the majestic creature on his intergalactic mission!

6" (15cm) Polystone Art Collectible
Limited Edition 
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Extremely limited number available online

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Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson


Paul Jackson's unique take on popular culture has gotten him noticed across the world. Inspired by everything surreal and sci-fi - he remixes the world to his vision. 

Originally from Brighton UK, now residing in Toronto Canada, Paul fuses the natural with the supernatural while adding elements of technological failings - most famously his glitch drawings. The British artist predominantly creates art for the music and film industry while consistently creating works for his own collection. Pauls client list is vast and it includes 20th Century Fox, Pearl Jam, Blink 182, and many more. 

His detailed drawings and playful ideas have gained Paul a reputation that continues to grow and grow. 

 His online store is a popular stop for print collectors and art fans alike.

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