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Who would have thought of a smiling pack of cigarettes? 

Obviously, Lumps has! Bringing you our latest MJ Originals, we present Cig Pack by Lumps! Staying true to his "wide grin" motif, UK-based illustrator has casually infected a normal ordinary cigarette pack into one of this toothy drawings.

The twisted vision behind the imagination of Lumps is that anything can become a grinning, screaming gremlin. Incorporating absurdism with grotesque detail, he brings the pack to life by adding a human mouth as a finishing touch!

*prototype shown, final product may differ. 

6.5" (16.5cm) Vinyl Art Collectible
Limited Edition
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Lumps is a UK independent illustration streetwear label featuring subjective designs with a distinctively unique style recognisable to all Lumps fans.

The twisted vision behind the brand is illustrator Sam Drew whose designs provide an escapism through the weird to the grotesque as well as the sublime to the ridiculous.  This fresh style has received a massive response among an audience including musicians, skate brands and Record Labels, leading to regular private commissions from around the world.
Following the solid rise in the popularity of Lumps, the streetwear label, inspired by pop culture and often featuring Lumps' unique toothy grin, was always on the artist's agenda.

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