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Matt Bailey

Breakout by Matt Bailey

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All that remains is the sound of flesh ripping as a part of her breaks away. A metaphor of her state when her lover leaves, the brilliant Breakout by Matt Bailey captures the agony, the ache, and the torment of feeling a part of yourself torn away. Torn skin and melting flesh reveal the emptiness within her, a black goo that fills the void of her being. Breakout is made from premium polystone, with a gloss finish beautifully contrasted with matte detailing.  

They were one together, now they’re two alone. She keeps her lover in her heart, as she waits for the day they meet again. A surreal take on the pain of longing, Breakout by Matt Bailey is a timeless piece of art.

Prototype shown, final product may vary.

8” Polystone Art Toy
Limited Edition
Phygital Features Powered by Forreal
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Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey


Illustrator and tattoo artist. Lapsed printmaker. Total layabout. 

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