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Booby Trap by Henn Kim

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Ever felt the heaviness on your chest? When the weight of the world seemingly rests on you, almost like anticipating the moment a grenade goes off. But what if it did? What if you said “F**k it!” and pulled the pins out and let it all blow into smithereens. A thousand small pieces, each weightless in comparison.

Based on the artwork of the same name by Korean illustrator Henn Kim. Booby Trap encapsulates the exhilaration of a heavyweight being suddenly let go from one’s chest - as well as the anticipation of having no idea when something may explode.

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8” Polystone Art Toy
Limited Edition
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Henn Kim

Henn Kim

Henn Kim is an artist from South Korea who is inspired by both dreams and reality. She enjoys the morning sun, quiet walks, and a good book at her neighborhood cafe. She won’t ever turn down the chance to browse through small record shops.

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