Jimbo Phillips

At an early age I began working for my father doing graphics for the skateboard industry, creating eye-popping artwork for t-shirt designs, decals, magazine ads, and skateboards. In the early 90s I started my own graphic art business continuing to work for skateboard companies as well as other major brands such as Toyota, Nike, Snickers, Volcom and so many more. Along the way I’ve won some awards for graphics as well as displaying in art shows internationally in Europe, South America and Canada. In 2005 my art was featured on Tony Hawk American Wasteland video game for the Xbox and Playstation2 where the game weaves in and out of my comic book format. I currently have signature artist series collaborations with Bell helmets, Electric visuals, Volcom clothing, Puma shoes etc. I also have a game app on Itunes called Skatetrash!
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