Christian Brennan

Christian Brennan grew up in California, embracing the sunny beaches in San Diego and the San Francisco Bay area. While both areas have their differences, they have one thing in common and that was the skateboarding culture. That was where Brennan passion lies. He loved going to the city and checking out the skate shops for new skate deck art and began collecting skate shirts. He was so inspired by the creative takes on popular culture that he began designing t-shirt art for various companies as a freelancer and eventually started his own design company.

Brennan grew the brand throughout the US, Japan, and various countries, designing like a madman, using his art as a medium to convey all the crazy ideas floating around in his head. About 5 years ago, he took a break from the clothing and discovered designer toys. It began a love and addiction which now plays a part in every day of his life. He loves seeing what artists come up with, checking out toy blogs, and working with his favorite designers to get custom works of art, and naturally, Brennan became inspired to add his own creative designs to the designer toy community.



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