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The Umbrella Academy x YARMS - Full Bundle

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Take your display of The Umbrella Academy Allison, Klaus, and Number 5 by YARMS to the next level. In this bundle*, receive all three iconic characters and an exclusive display stand. With design elements inspired by the collapsing mansion where the siblings lived and trained in, the display stand complements their eventful lives of battling multiple apocalypses. Immortalize the iconic moments of The Umbrella Academy with this bundle.

Prototype shown, final product may vary.

Read more about the concept of The Umbrella Academy X Yarms here

Vinyl Art Toys
Display stand: 5” x 13”, Allison ~7.4” tall, Klaus ~7.5” tall, Number 5 ~7.3” Tall
Limited Edition
*Terms and conditions apply
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The people who made this possible.

Danil YAD

Danil YAD

Digital Sculptor

Founder of YARMS

All my life I liked to sculpt and create something, but I met with Digital Sculpting relatively recently. This tool allowed me to quickly implement my ideas and pay more attention to projects, rather than the technical component. Now I continue to search for new ideas and build skills.

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