SyndiCats: Nyakuza

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Running the most fearsome kitty gang in Japan is no easy feat. SyndiCat: Nyakuza controls many restaurants, bars, trucking companies, talent agencies, taxi fleets, factories, and other businesses in major Japanese cities. His paws are in every kitty bowl; he knows anything and everything in the underground kitty world.

Join SyndiCats: Nyakuza and celebrate the Sanja Matsuri - also known as the Yakuza festival. Showing off his elaborate tattoos and donning the traditional happi and fundoshi, he parades his power for all to see. Beware his katana; he isn’t afraid to offend anyone who wrongs him - even in daylight.

SyndiCats is a series of in-house designs by Mighty Jaxx.

Prototype shown final product may vary.

6” Polystone Phygital Art Toy
Limited Edition of 300
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