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Siu Meow Scent by Nyan Sum

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Don’t just smell good, smell food. In collaboration with Oo La Lab, comes the Siu Meow Scent by Nyan Sum. Catwalk into the world of Nyammy Treats with this unique scent, crafted to turn heads and leave you smelling like a delicious siu mai. 1 spray as an appetizer, 3 sprays for a full-blown dim sum spread.

Packaged in a unique collectible Siu Meow kitten bottle and designed to be worn by all. It’s a scent that’ll have people going “you’re siu mai type”.

Notes: Woody, Oriental, Fresh

*Not for consumption or use in flavors or food products. 

Prototype shown final product may vary.

20ml per Bottle
Special Collectible Siu Meow Kitten Bottle
Made in collaboration with Oo La Lab
Vegan Fragrance
Powered by Forreal

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