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Beary Efficient Bear (Grizzly Brown)

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We’ve done countless collaborations in many shapes and sizes but never one that’s quite like this. In our latest tie-up with Shanghai-based Naughty Brain, we bring you a clever yet cheeky take on a self-sufficient bear that is available in both Golden Sun and Grizzly Brown colourways. Eco-friendly and extremely self-loving, our Beary Efficient Bear is a real trooper when it comes to sustainable living. Come support him as he grows his own bamboo for sustenance and bears his very soul (and body) to you!

7" (17.8cm) Vinyl Art Collectible
Limited Edition 
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The people who made this possible.

Naughty Brain

Naughty Brain


In 2015, Curiousboy and Ryan founded the NAUGHTY BRAIN Studio that aimed at bringing ideas from street art, graffiti and design to real life by turning them into limited-edition art figures. Moving forward, this dynamic duo hopes to create a string of cool and interesting products that fuses traditional Chinese elements with urban Hip Hop subculture.

With youth as their capital, a promising road lies ahead.

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