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Chicken Fairy by Tik Ka From East

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On the misty peaks of Kunlun Mountain, resides an elusive Chicken Fairy. Unlike the other deities living in the mountain, Chicken Fairy's specialization is not magic, but culinary arts! Legend has it that his secret fried chicken recipe consists of 7 x 7 = 49 different rare herbs and spices, deep fried to golden perfection after marinating for 81 days. It is said that anyone who tastes his Kunlun Fried Chicken will gain immortality instantly!

Another epic art piece taken from the series "Eat Good West" by Tik Ka From East, this premium (and large) vinyl art collectible features the glorious Chicken Fairy riding his magical chicken mount while holding a mountain of his signature fried chicken in a bucket! May you be blessed by finger-lickin' goodness!

Note: Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ

12" (30cm) Vinyl Art Toy
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Tik Ka from East

Tik Ka from East


Tik Ka From East is a Hong Kong artist who has held personal exhibitions internationally, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Paris, New York, London and Milan.

Growing up in Hong Kong and being influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures, Tik Ka from East's works marries Oriental aesthetics with European, American and Japanese popular cultures (movies, comics, animation, etc.), and is representative of the Hong Kong colonial era.

In 2016, his series of <Chinese casserole> and "Pear Orchard" were highly acclaimed by international media and personalities, including Marvel Director and Chairman Stan Lee and Robert Downey Jr. His works boast a sense of humour and artistic composition. 

In 2017, in a crossover with 20th Century Fox Film, he also created the《Warrior from the Jade Galaxy 異形玉璽》collection.

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