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Hambuddha by Tik Ka From East (Buddcafe)

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"One must be able to forgive bad latte art in order to achieve inner peace" – Hambuddha (Buddcafe)

From the brilliant mind of Hong Kong artist Tik Ka From East, comes Hambuddha, originating from his "Eat Good West" painting series. Buddcafe is the latest colorway to the sold out and highly sought after Hambuddha, inspired by sophisticated modern cafes.

Hambuddha may look like a regular Buddha sculpture from the back, with a halo around his head, but turn him around and you'll be surprised! He holds a pearl-shaped cuppa cuppuccino in his hand and sits in a single lotus position on a gloriously golden lotus throne. He dons a cool black robe that makes him oh-so-brunch-ready.

Hambuddha sits 8" tall, is made from vinyl, and comes in a limited edition of 200 pcs only. Bring this humorous statement piece home today!


8" Tall Vinyl Art Toy
Blister-packed in printed box
200pcs Limited Edition
Free Shipping Worldwide
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Tik Ka from East

Tik Ka from East


Tik Ka From East is a Hong Kong artist who has held personal exhibitions internationally, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Paris, New York, London and Milan.

Growing up in Hong Kong and being influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures, Tik Ka from East's works marries Oriental aesthetics with European, American and Japanese popular cultures (movies, comics, animation, etc.), and is representative of the Hong Kong colonial era.

In 2016, his series of <Chinese casserole> and "Pear Orchard" were highly acclaimed by international media and personalities, including Marvel Director and Chairman Stan Lee and Robert Downey Jr. His works boast a sense of humour and artistic composition. 

In 2017, in a crossover with 20th Century Fox Film, he also created the《Warrior from the Jade Galaxy 異形玉璽》collection.

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