Rock On! Sushi by MankeeBoi

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Be it rocking out at a concert, or heading to his favorite Japanese restaurant, he does it with hyper energy and exhilaration! “Rock On! Sushi” is what his pals call him because his high spirits make everyone around him want to throw up a “Rock On!” hand sign too!

Originating from Mankeeboi’s illustration series “The Jumpin’ Series”, Rock On! Sushi is a nigiri with interchangeable salmon and tuna (hair)cuts, held together with a stylish wasabi beanie. Raising hand-horns to the sky with his tongue out, he spots the coolest kicks and cruises on a piece of seaweed like a skateboard! Let’s… Rock On! Sushi!

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Artist. Illustrator

Mankeeboi a.k.a. Arly Pescuela is an artist from the Philippines. 

Like most people born in the 90's, he was exposed to Japanese anime and American cartoons, which influenced his art style. 
Most of his works draw inspiration from food and pop culture.

He has worked in industries like advertising, apparel, digital marketing and web designing. 
He believes that the best decision he made was quitting his day job and focusing on his art.

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