Juce Gace

A Wood Awakening by Juce Gace (Donkey Edition)

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Getting out of bed for his usual morning stretch, the puppet that became 7” of a real boy put on a fresh outfit and streeeetched! Looking down, a wave of contentment washed over him, he was still kind of a real boy.

Trying to feel grown up, he takes a swig of beer and puffs on a cigar. A tingling sensation flows through his body, could this be it? Will he finally truly be a real teenage boy? Nope.

Feeling something new, something more between his legs, and a fuller head of “hair”. He looked into the mirror and found that he grew a tail and a pair of donkey ears! Trying to scream, he lets out a loud bray instead! Oh dear, what has become of the beloved figure...

Available for 24 hours only, 29 Feb 9am ET – 1 Mar 9am ET

Prototype shown, final product may vary.

11.5" Vinyl Art Toy
Limited Edition 
24 Hours Timed Release
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Juce Gace

Juce Gace

Graphic Designer

Screenwriter by day and toy designer by night, Paris-based creative Julien G. aka Juce Gace is spreading smiles all around with his childhood-inspired toys and other pop culture collectibles. In his own words : “To entertain you is a pleasure and a real privilege.”

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