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No Companion: Trust No One by Abell Octovan

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Walking behind a slow walking texter on a narrow pathway, a kid screaming at the top of their lungs, people using their phones on full brightness in the cinema, oh my god!

There seems to be no end to human inconsideration, don’t you just wish you could retaliate in some way? Maybe you want to yeet the kid across some shelves. But the voice in your head stops you. You take a deep breath and thank your conscience for saving you from a stint in jail.

But it can all get too much! Suffocate your conscience in a deathly grip, and flip off the world! Flip off the colleague that steals your pre-packed lunch, people who board trains without letting people off first, drivers taking up two spots - flip them all off! 

Standing at 8” tall, the limited edition No Companion vinyl collectible takes a stand against our conscience. We just need to lose it sometimes. 

Prototype shown, final product may vary.

 8" Vinyl Art Toy
24 Hour Timed Release
Limited Edition
Pre-Order, Shipping Dates Below

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The people who made this possible.

Abell Octovan

Abell Octovan

Designer/ Producer

Jakarta, Indonesia based designer and producer Abell Octovan has been creating art toys since 2008.
Known for exploring popular culture and mashing up two characters or concepts to create one new one, he began to seriously explore designer & art toys by founding his "My Royal Ego" studio and workshop.
Producing resin toys and artwork since 2010, My Royal Ego allows Octovan to design, collaborate, and produce works with many local and international artists.

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