Juce Gace

A Wood Awakening Donkey (BFF Getaway Edition) by Juce Gace

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After their previous escapade to the carnival, the donkey-eared real boy and his new-found BFF decided that their next destination will be somewhere brighter, warmer, and much less sinister. Greeted by soft white sand and dancing palm trees, the duo can hardly contain the excitement in their hearts and their pants! Shades? Check. Slippers? Check. Hawaiian prints? Double check! Here comes the two besties, paying no mind to man-eating whales and sunburns, because boy... it’s time to get wet!

~11.5" Vinyl Art Toy, 3" BFF Vinyl Art Toy
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Juce Gace

Juce Gace

Graphic Designer

Screenwriter by day and toy designer by night, Paris-based creative Julien G. aka Juce Gace is spreading smiles all around with his childhood-inspired toys and other pop culture collectibles. In his own words : “To entertain you is a pleasure and a real privilege.”

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