12 Apr 2022

Your Favorite Heartbreak Songs, Featuring The Wanderer (Heartbroken Edition)

The Wanderer (Heartbroken Edition)

Down the rabbit hole of heartbreak she goes, wishing of things she could’ve changed. Sitting on the floor crying in her pain, surrounded by darkness and overwhelmed with ache. Alone in the dark, she lets it all out, letting go of the little things till she’s far away. The sun will rise and the moon will follow and she’ll find hope in a brand new day.

The Wanderer (Heartbroken Edition) is part of a series of in-house designs by Mighty Jaxx that reimagines our favorite tales in an alluring charm. Take a closer look at the unique piece below!

The Wanderer (Heartbroken Edition) The Wanderer (Heartbroken Edition) The Wanderer (Heartbroken Edition)

The best way to get over a heartbreak? Drowning yourself in some heartbreak songs! Let the music flow through and drive the emotions out, with every tear you shed you’re a step closer to moving on. We asked you to submit your favorite heartbreak songs in our Instagram Stories post, and we’ve put together your picks in a YouTube playlist. Get your tissues ready and let it all out, hit play, and discover tunes from Tei Shi to Lily Allen and so much more:

Get over heartbreak season with The Wanderer (Heartbroken Edition) and join her as she looks forward to new beginnings. Shedding away the tears of pain and ache, she gets ready to pick herself back together and find herself again. Endings are never easy, but with The Wanderer (Heartbroken Edition) and that YouTube playlist to belt out to, moving on will be that bit easier.

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The Wanderer (Heartbroken Edition) is available from 16 April, 9 am ET. 
24 hours only. $299 with free shipping worldwide.

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