03 Jun 2017

XXRAY PLUS: Keeping the Yin and Yang in complete balance and harmony

Traditionally known as the Imperial Guardian Lions, the Foo Dogs are a symbol of power and protection. In fact, they are rumoured to stop anyone with malicious intentions from entering your home. Often displayed in a pair, the male and female guardian lions complement each other by keeping the Yin and Yang in complete balance and harmony. 

Symbolising power and supremacy, the male guardian lion represents Yang and is the protector of the building. He can be easily recognised as the one resting his paw on a ball which people often regard as the world. Known for her compassion and support, the female guardian lion represents Yin and protects those who reside or work in the house. She is often shown with one paw on a cub.

Limited to 100 sets worldwide, the XXRAY Plus 8" Foo Dogs can be found here.

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