04 Mar 2017

Worldwide debut of Staple x James Jean original sculpture: Washizu

Inspired by Japanese film maestro Akira Kurosawa’s 1957 masterpiece—Throne of Blood, this beautiful pigeon sculpt with a volley of arrows pierced through his body is an allegorical reference to the film’s protagonist, General Washizu. The film transposes the plot of one of Shakespeare’s notable Macbeth, telling a story of a warrior who assassinates his local lord under the coercion of his ambitious wife. 

The sculpt is executed with meticulous attention to detail in line with Kurosawa’s sense of realism and perfectionism. His body a marbled blue, glistening in the light with a hint of gold. He stands with his right foot forward, bended at the knee with arms wide open as though surrendering to his inevitable doom. Paying homage to the ending of Throne of Blood— the1957 film by Kurosawa, this reimagined piece of art remains a landmark of visual strength till this day. 

To celebrate Staple's 20th Anniversary, we are proud to present this limited edition sculpture created by the man himself, Jeff Staple, and visual artist, James Jean. The limited edition Washizu here is now available for a period of 24 hours only! 

Sold out. Thank you for your support! 



Sold Out