26 Feb 2019

Which Mighty Jaxx Toy are you?

Toys are full of personality, and each of them tells a story of their own. From quiet beauties like Wish Upon Me... by Yoskay Yamamoto to edgy ones like Vomit Kid by Okeh, every toy is vastly different and has their own fan-base. That's what makes work really exciting for us every week – being able to experiment with different styles of toys and matching them to different collectors around the world! It's kinda like match-making. 

"Like collector, like toy", they say. So we thought... what if you can find your "toy alter-ego" based on your personality? Of course, we are no psychologist or horoscope-guru, but that didn't stop us from having some fun with this quiz. Answer 7 simple questions and find out which is your Mighty Jaxx toy alter ego!

Have fun and share this silly little quiz with your friends now! 


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