08 Aug 2019

Where Will HUMPek Hump?

HUMPek returns this week in a chic rose gold colourway! Their insatiable urge to hump has brought them all around the Mighty Jaxx office, boundaries will be crossed and hygiene will be disregarded, these dogs just want to get down to business!

Under The Pantry Table

Oh come on! We eat there! Sigh.. That's just a really disturbing thought. We can't imagine what sort of doggy fluids have been left behind by the romping pair and we really would rather not know. What we do know is that we NEED to get the tables all deep cleaned! 

On Our Workstations

The blatant humping on our workstations is really really unnecessary. Here we are, trying our hardest to focus and get our work done and comes along HUMPek getting it on right in front of faces. We really don't need to see that while we work, but I guess love does as it desires.

Behind The Plants

At least it is out of sight? Sneaking behind the potted plants around the office might be relatively considerate, considering some of the other places they've done it on. Can't say for sure that the plants appreciate the private show though hmmm

At The Stairwell

Lucky for HUMPek, humans are pretty lazy. Stairs are mostly unused because we all love the ease the of going up and down the elevators bring. While we travel up and down in the lifts, HUMPek goes up and down on each other to their hearts content in the stairwell. Don't let HUMPek know the echo-y nature of stairwells means they aren't as discreet as they think they're being... 

At Our Rest Area

Well I know I won't be sitting there ever now. It is a comfy spot in our office though, so of course, why wouldn't they hump there.

All that said, we still love the adorable humping pair! HUMPek is a staple of the World of POPIKI and the 10" vinyl art toy looks beautiful in a chic rose gold colourway. Oozing more than just raw sexual energy, HUMPek (Rose Gold) brings elegance to the naughtiest deeds. 


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HUMPek (Rose Gold) by Whatshisname unloads 10 August 2019 at 9am ET! Get the premium art toy for $169 with FREE shipping worldwide, shipping will commence from 27 August 2019.

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