07 Jun 2023

What’s in an Astronaut Suit? Chief Cottontail (Bunny to the Moon)

Chief Cottontail dons a spacesuit, ready to take the next step into the unknown. Keeping his trusty bunny on his head, he takes off from Goodmorningtown to his next stop: the moon!

SIZE: 8"
PRICE: 169.00 USD

This whimsical piece from Goodmorning princess’ imagination comes to life at Mighty Jaxx! While the first in this series features Chief Cottontail in his full natural glory, this second one has the chief better equipped to face the dangers of space. 

Space Helmet
The space helmet is one of the most recognizable icons of space exploration. It has three key purposes—providing oxygen, protecting eyes from harmful rays, and housing important components like communication systems.

Most helmets are hard-shelled, with a bubble-like lens for astronauts to see through. Chief Cottontail doesn’t need this–he fully trusts his bunny to give him the protection (and oxygen) he needs!

The Spacesuit
Chief Cottontail wears an EVA—extravehicular space suit meant to be used outside of his spaceship. The one designed by NASA contains 16 layers, each with a specific purpose.

For example, the first three layers are the cooling garment. Found on top is the bladder layer, filled with gas to maintain the right pressure for the astronaut’s body to function. 

Space Shoes
Left on the moon, one inch deep, is Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s footstep—and Chief Cottontail is set to follow in his footsteps. The original lunarshoe fits over the boot found on a regular astronaut suit.

It gives astronauts an added layer of protection from the vacuum of space, preventing objects like moon rocks from cutting into their suit during the lunar adventure. 

Ready to join Chief Cottontail on his mission into the cosmos? Pre-orders for the collectible are now open! It comes in a beautifully designed blister pack that lets you display it without removing the packaging.

Your pre-order will also have a chance to come hand-signed: we have an super limited 5 copies up for grabs!




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