25 Dec 2020

The Pug Life Chose Us

We didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose us!

Mighty collectors, Mai Accents is in town! Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?

Celebrated globally as a ceramist for her work with pots and dishes that take shape as whimsical and expressive creatures, Mighty Jaxx is putting a brand new spin on Mai Accent’s creations!

Inspired by her Clay Gang collection, our first collaboration with Mai Accents is guaranteed to light up your life - introducing the Circus Pug Lamp - a versatile fun piece that instantly catches your attention and provides a pop of colour and character to any room or space it lives in.

"The Circus Pug was handbuilt in clay and designed as a fun vase with a cute and slightly worried dog face, to reflect my love for dogs and their adorable expressions. Any time I glance at it, I can’t help but smile! "
- Mai Accents

The Circus Pug Lamp is the perfect statement piece to add a touch of cosiness to any space; but one (and too many looks later) we gotta say, this fun piece (or is it an art collectible, we cannot decide!) with a cute and slightly worried dog face that just brings a smile to our faces everytime we look at it!

Originally handbuilt in clay, the Circus Pug Lamp is now an 8” battery-operated vinyl + ABS lamp that’s launching 26 December, 9am EST. Turn it on when you boop, not its nose, but the ball on top of its head!

Now you’re probably wondering how fun this would look in your home, we got the perfect solution for you! Don’t just imagine how this will look in your home, view it with AR. All you gotta do is to head down to the Mighty Jaxx Instagram page, open the camera and tap to place the Circus Pug Lamp on any flat surface in your home. A 3D render of the lamp will appear on the screen and “attach” to the surface and you can then move around the space and view the lamp from all angles.

The Circus Pug Lamp can be used for a variety of different purposes throughout the house - dining table? lovely. bedside lamp? so cozy!

"This lamp is a perfect statement piece that adds a touch of cosiness to any space; it can bring a soft light to your bedside table but can also work as a fun light on a sidetable near your sofa!"
- Mai Accents

Wonderful ain’t it?

Now, who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Let us know what you think about our first lamp on our social channels!



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