08 Mar 2021

VIP Birthday Gifts 2021!

Some people count down to their birthdays, while others don’t really care for it. No matter how you feel about your own birthday, we want to take the chance to show our appreciation for your support! This year, we have prepped some cool merch for our Quartermaster and Captain rank VIPs’ birthdays, so read on if you’d like to know what’s coming through your mailbox!

For Quartermasters, you’ll be getting a pair of beverage holders to keep your warm drinks warm and your cold drinks icy. These can be packed flat and you can bring them out on drinks night to hold (and identify) your drinks. And check out the custom print of Captain Jaxx on it – he’s crashing the party!

For Captains, we know that you are the ultimate toy aficionados, so what could be more handy than a toy cleaning kit? We say it's a toy cleaning kit, but if you want to use it to clean your desk, your keyboard, or your pets, nobody is stopping you! The kit includes 3 simple tools that come in a custom zipped pouch, with Captain Jaxx printed on it. You can use it to store small necessities or accessories, pretty useful to keep some cables and power banks. 

You will also continue to receive the other perks like birthday vouchers (only if you are subscribed) and bonus points, in addition to these merch!

Check out this video to see them in action! Leave a comment about what you would like to receive next year too!


Cool! How can I get them?

If you are a Quartermaster or Captain ranked VIP, you will be eligible to receive your respective gifts. However, you will have to let us know when your birthday is! You can do that in a few ridiculously simple steps.

First, log into your Mighty Jaxx account on Next, use the VIP icon on the bottom right of your screen to open up your VIP program panel. You’ll see “Ways to Earn”, click that and find the option to edit your birthday date. Remember to add that in at least 1 month before your birthday so ensure that you receive your gifts! And did we mention that adding your birthday date also gives you 500 Mighty Coins (as good as spending $50!) right away? You can enter your birthday date no matter what your VIP rank is.


Not Captain not Quartermaster yet?

No worries, there are a variety of ways that you can earn coins and sail your way up to Mighty VIP stardom! Purchasing any product on Mighty Jaxx online store and app automatically lets you earn a fixed amount of coins per dollar spent. At the same time, you can earn coins by doing tasks like liking us on our socials and referring friends! You can use the VIP program panel to see what your current rank is, and how many coins to get to the next rank!

Pro Tips for Ranking Up

Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter! Once in a while, we have surprise VIP-special events, or bonus coins events, and we will always post news of these on our Instagram and Facebook. You might also receive subscriber-exclusive deals from time to time, so keeping a lookout for our newsletters is not a bad idea. The best way to stay informed and never miss any of these opportunities to maximize your Mighty experience is to stay connected. 

For more information regarding our VIP program, you can visit this page, or send us an email if you have any questions!

What’s next?

We are constantly doing our best to improve our VIPs’ experience by having bigger and better events, exclusives, perks, and physical rewards. We heard a rumor that there will be some VIP-exclusive event coming up soon. Stay tuned, just in case.

We know us, you know you, now help us know you! We want to know what rocks your boat and your world even, so let us know. Drop us a DM, or email us at, anytime if you have any suggestions about how we can make your experience better for you. Captain Jaxx signing off!




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