12 Feb 2020

Valentine's Day Puns, Featuring Your Favourite Art Toys

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Will you be bringing your special someone for dinner at a fine dining restaurant? Maybe catch an outdoor movie? Or whipping up a special home-cooked meal?

Whatever you've got planned, we sure it'll be a special one! And instead of telling you about how expensive chocolates and flowers are this time of year... You already know it! And lonely people will regurgitate it to you a gazillion times.

Instead, let us spread some Valentine's Day cheer the best way we know how - with some cheeky love puns! Enlisting some help from our favourite toys, check them out below!

Ride into 15 Feb

When your date says "We're just friends"

Try Big Bird on for size

Cookies, not the only thing you'll be munching tonight


When they say there's other fish in the sea

Socks... *wink*

 Click on the images above to order these fun art toys for your collection today! Or maybe as a Valentine's Day gift for your special someone. Nothing says "Let's make a baby" like Humpek (just saying)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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