19 May 2023

Unleash Sushizilla: A Quick Guide

A Kaiju emerges from the chaotic seas of Kanagawa… Feel the wrath of Sushizilla himself! Wreaking havoc wherever it goes, it is part beast, part food. This creation from Ilustrata comes to life at Mighty Jaxx in an all-new special collectible! From the stylistic waves, to the details of each grain of rice, every component is carefully crafted.

SRP: 199 USD or 66.33 USD monthly for 3 months
Material: Vinyl
Size: 10“ tall
Expected Delivery: Oct 2023

This delectable disaster sits on a Japanese-style bowl, destroying the unlucky ships it encounters on its path. It has a body of rice and a back of raw salmon, resulting in an imposing but delicious hybrid. Ready to rule the seas? Find out how you can create your own edible version of Sushizilla in this guide!


Step 1: Make your sushi rice
As rice forms the body of your sushi, it is important to season it well to get the right flavor. Start by cooking as much rice as you require (~1 cup uncooked = 2 bowls of cooked rice). Remember to use Japanese short grain rice.

Season the cooked rice with sushi vinegar. It’s made up of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt—in a 2:18:9 ratio. A good practice is to do this while the rice is warm and let it cool down with the seasoning.


Step 2: Prep the fish
The fish is the back of your sushi, separating good from great. Sashimi- or sushi-grade sushi is required here. Each fish has its own intricacies and an optimal way of preparation.

For salmon sashimi, have it scaled and gutted. Starting from the spot behind the head, cut along the spine until the end of the fish to filet it. Trim fat and remove any bones before sanitizing your work area. Slice each filet into thin slices at a 45 degree angle until you’re done with the whole fish. Cut in single, long strokes with a sashimi knife if possible.

DISCLAIMER: There is always a risk with raw fish consumption—the fresher the better. Opt for tuna and farmed salmon which are generally safer options.


Step 3: Combine and stylize
Roll up the sushi rice into the shape of your choice and wrap/lay a slice of salmon sashimi to finish. You can also choose to use different ingredients to change the type of sushi you’re making.

Whether you choose to add a small amount of wasabi in between your sashimi and rice or roll the whole sushi up in a sheet of nori (seaweed), the world is your oyster! Have fun with it—you might even end up with your own edible Sushizilla terrorizing your kitchen.

Itadakimasu! Dig in and enjoy your very own Sushizilla by Ilustra. Pre-orders for this delicious monster opening on 20 May! Do note that the collectible itself is not meant for consumption. 




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