15 May 2020

Three of Our Favourite One Piece Moments

We recently launched the Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece blindbox collection. Featuring 6 members of the popular Straw Hat Crew, including the big 3 - Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji! We've introduced each of the 6 to you previously, and today we will be revisiting some of our favourite moments from the anime. Check them out below!

Saying Goodbye to Going Merry

Possibly one of the most heart wrenching moments on the show. Its hard to not be invested in the ship that sails the Straw Hat Crew, after all it plays a pivotal role in their journey. The funeral of the Going Merry, the crew's first shipped, tugged at our heart strings. The way the scene revisits the first time each crew member meets the ship along with the somber music, it is an emotional gut punch.

 Zoro Taking Luffy's Pain

Unconvinced that Zoro's a badass? This ought to change your mind! Being the last one standing in the battle against the Warlord Kuma, Zoro offers his life in exchange for Luffy's. Kuma agreed only on the condition that Zoro takes on Luffy's injuries. It's a pivotal moment, showing the bond Zoro has with the Straw Hat Crew. Especially when you realise that Zoro the pirate hunter is giving up his life for theirs.

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Luffy Punches A Celestial Dragon

Celestial Dragons are the most politically powerful, wealthy individuals. Laws don't apply to them and they get anything they want. Anyone who crosses one gets killed, the Celestial Dragons think of themselves as gods. Luffy loses his cool when a Celestial Dragon shoots Haichi and does what no one dares to - he punches the Celestial Dragon! The badassery and magnitude of this punch is just out of this world!

These are only 3 of many moments in the hit anime series! It would be a pretty long list if we didn't limit ourselves to just a few. We also want to know, what is your favourite moments from the show? Share with us on our social media!

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