17 Nov 2022

The Undead, Necromancers, and More: BirdKing by CROM

The young arcane blacksmith apprentice Bianca was forced to flee her home and search for fabled lands of Atlas. Thus her adventure of magic, mystery, and friendship begins as she uncovers the truth behind her ancestry.

One of the main characters in the series, the mysterious guardian spirit BirdKing himself comes to life at Mighty Jaxx! He has a beautiful, unique design born from the mind of the artist CROM. 

Several features jump out immediately—the first of which is his skull. You can immediately tell that the BirdKing is a skeleton wearing a heavy set of armor. His head is further highlighted by the blazing blue flame that surrounds it. Seated on his head is a crown—but what he’s king of remains a mystery.

On his chest sits an alluring red gem with an outline of a heart. Other details include his exposed ribcage, arrows embedded in his armor, and the blue birds that surround him. His hand clenches a great broadsword that has definitely seen its fair share of battles. 

BirdKing by CROM also features a special packaging—a homage to the vintage comic action figures! Made from premium materials, featuring gold foil accents, the box is the perfect home for the collectible. 

Magic, necromancy, and the undead are key elements of the story. Inspiration for these elements can be drawn from our rich history as humans, which we explore in this post!

Necromancy: What is it exactly?

Also known as “Death Magic”, Necromancy is the practice that involves communicating with spirits of the dead by summoning them into the physical world—whether as apparitions, visions, or by resurrection. There are several uses for this type of magic. Common ones include predicting a future, talking to a loved one who has passed on, and building an army.

The First Mention

Homer’s Odyssey has the oldest literary account in history. The main character Odysseus travels into the Underworld to gain a better understanding of his voyage home. He conducts a necromantic ritual in an attempt to summon the spirit of a seer to question.

The passages in this Greek epic contain strong descriptions of such rites—-location, time, and recipes for the animal sacrifice for example.

The Renaissance Magic

Magical arts had a prominent place in society during the 15th and 16th centuries. They were split into seven types, one of which is black magic, which is where Necromancy falls under. These magical arts were technically prohibited by law, yet widely practiced.

Necromancy practitioners were generally society’s most educated, the elite. This is because most grimoires (spell books) were written in Latin. Necromancy was known as a demonic art and several inquisitors took action against active groups.

A Source of Inspiration

While some form of necromancy still exists today, the magical art is mainly a source of inspiration for fiction. From video games to fantasy stories, the idea of manipulating death has stimulated the imagination of many creative people all over the world.

For example, Necromancers are a common class in many role-playing games—often conjuring an army of undead warriors to do their bidding. Likewise, many pieces of fiction bring this to life in unique ways. For example, the BirdKing himself is a walking skeleton, with many other references to necromancy throughout the story.

Dive into the world of magic and uncover more secrets in this epic comic by CROM and Daniel Freedman! The BirdKing by CROM brings this tale to life with a premium, highly detailed recreation of the BirdKing himself.

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