30 Aug 2022

The Seven Warlords of the Seas Enter the Fray

The 4th edition of Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece has arrived! Meet the Shichibukai, the Seven Warlords of Sea.

Who are they?

The Seven Warlords of the Sea are extremely powerful pirate captains who operate as part of the World Government. Power balance-wise, they sit between the chaotic Four Emperors (the Yonko) and orderly Marines. In return for certain freedoms and leeways, they are required to fight for the Government when called. 

Each Warlord has their specific reason for joining the World Government - Boa Hancock treats them as an enemy, yet joined the group to gain protection for her people in Amazon. 


The Warlord system has been abolished following the Reverie, a gathering of leaders around the world that happens every four years and focused on maintaining peace.


As part of the launch of the new Warlords Edition, here are some fun facts about the organization:

#1: You don’t need a crew to join

Earlier on we mentioned that the group is made up of extremely powerful pirate captains. However, Dracule Mihawk and Edward Weevil are exceptions to this rule. While little is known about Edward Weevil, Dracule Mihawk has displayed his overwhelming strength multiple times in the story. Known as the “Strongest Swordsman in the World”, he easily wiped out the 50-ship Krieg Pirates for fun. 

#2: Rejecting an invitation into the group would increase your bounty

There is only one known time where an invitation into the group has been turned down—it was by the infamous Portgas D. Ace. In his early days as a pirate, when he was still captain of the Spade Pirates, the World Government approached him to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea. However, he rejected them for reasons unknown. Chew from the Arlong Pirates, later on, revealed that rejecting an invitation would see a raise in bounty.

#3: They are despised by both pirates and Marines

While the Seven Warlords of the Sea technically worked for the World Government, they were either apathetic to the cause or in the case of Boa Hancock, held deep hatred. The only exception is Bartholomew Kuma who had been brainwashed into being their puppet.

This led to the Marines seeing them as no different from any other pirate. Admiral Fujitora in particular hated this Shichibukai system and sought to abolish it. On the other hand, pirates branded them as “government dogs”, due to their required commitments. While both sides hated them, they were still heavily respected and feared due to their raw power and abilities

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